Our goal at Paws & Claws Animal Hospital is to provide complete medical, dental, and surgical care for cats and dogs including, but not limited to, annual exams, vaccinations, preventative care, medications, blood screenings, radiographs, and hospitalization.

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In The News

New Appointment Protocol

        We here at Paws & Claws Animal Hospital are staying on top of the Covid 19 CoronaVirus situation. We are following every CDC protocol to try and keep our clients and staff members safe. In doing so we are changing our appointment protocols. We are still not allowing anyone other than employees into the building. If you have a mask and wear it at the appointment you can park up front as normal, stay in your vehicle and call the office at 734-568-6647. If you do not have a mask we will ask that you park on the South side of the building where there are 2 doors visible, Stay in your car and call the office at 734-568-6647. Please note we are experiencing high phone volume and if you receive a busy signal please call back. Be patient as we are trying our best to be as efficient as possible. We will then take your history over the phone. At that time we ask you to look for one of our outpatient technicians holding up a sign with your pets name indicating we are ready for you. If your pet is in a carrier, place the carrier inside the designated door and return to your car. If your pet is on a leash and you are wearing a mask, you may proceed to the designated door number the outpatient technician told you on the phone. If you do not have a mask you may enter the room and place the slip lead provided around your pets neck and return to your car. The outpatient technician will be on the other side of the interior door holding the other end of the leash.  Once you leave the room we will then take your pet to the back where Dr. Hanusz will do her examination and will call you. Once the appointment is finished we will take payment over the phone and return your pet and e-mail your receipt to you. We are trying to minimize as much person to person contact as we can. We are also taking precautions and using the proper disinfecting methods to help eliminate as much contamination as possible. This does require certain contact time so please be patient with us so we may properly clean and disinfect between each appointment. 

        We only have the best interest of our clients and our staff at heart. With that being said we would appreciate it if you are feeling sick in any way that you would either allow someone else to bring your pet in or reschedule your appointment until you are feeling better. We are also asking this of our own employees. 

We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding with us at this most difficult time.

Informative Sites

CDC Website

Frequently asked questions

Prescription Protocol change

      We are asking 24 hour advance notice for all prescription refills (both online and in clinic). This will ensure accuracy of your pets medication. We also ask that when you come to pick up these prescriptions that you stay in your vehicle and give us a call when you get here. Payment will then be taken over the phone and your prescriptions will be placed in a bin outside the door, your receipt will be e-mailed to you. Again this will minimize people in our reception area and keep person to person contact down. Thank you for your understanding. 

We are happy to announce our new medication pick-up window is open. On the North side of the Porch (closest to Tony's Country Store) is a doorbell and pick-up window where you can come pick up and pay for your pets medications. We do ask that you still call in your medication prior to coming over so that we may have time to get those requests ready. It is a new transition for us so we ask for your patience but we are really excited to offer this so we may open up our phone lines for your calls.

We are happy to announce that we are accepting New Clients at this time.



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